Float Type Auto-Drain

  • With large diameter sized entrance and path to permit particles and rust, no accumulation will occur in dead corners.
  • Aluminium alloy casting with special anti-corrosion treatment and then coated with high quality baking varnish can withstand acid and base without any corrosion occuring.
  • Large volume filtered dirt toring compartment can filter and store more rust and dirt than other common automatic drain valve.
  • Water collecting bowl, made of optical class transparent plastic material, will not rupture.
  • Implanted stainless rod for float will never slip off.
  • Large size float has more bouyancy and is more sensitive tocontrol.
  • Large size water collecting bowl can store and drain more water thus reduce the draining time and increase the service life of automatic drain valve.
  • Leakage proof ring, made of high quality VITON rubber, can endure abrasion without leakage. Its service time is ten times longer than NBR rubber.

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